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Eve AIO, created in late 2017, is known as one of the most consistent and true all-in-one bots. Supporting over 200 websites, including everything from supreme and footsites to shopify and collectible/retail sites + more, Eve allows users to bot almost anything from one place.

Eve AIO is a software available on third-party markets like Tidal Marketplace, because it is sold out on Eve's website. Even though it is only available to use on Windows, it is still one of the most versatile bots available, especially for it's low cost. Offering 24/7 support in their discord server, beginners and expert botters alike are encouraged to use Eve AIO.

Eve is most commonly purchased as a lifetime key, but offers a renewal as well that is $35 billed monthly.

General Overview

After launching Eve AIO, you will be prompted to enter your license key. You can find this on your dashboard on their website, or in an email. After entering this you will be able to see all of Eve's features. Along the top of the software, you can find: Dashboard, Success, Profiles, Notifications, Captcha, Proxies, Log, Settings, Tools.

Now, let's go into what you'll see in each of these tabs.



The dashboard is the heart of Eve, showing your current tasks that are running, or sitting idle. This is where you can start these tasks, stop them, edit them, and create them.



This page allows you to look at your recent checkouts and where they were made, and Eve has built in features allowing you to share screenshots of this.



The profiles tab is where you can create the details you want Eve to use to checkout. You can create a profile, name it, and add your shipping, billing, payment details. This is also the tab where you can add accounts for certain websites. This is required for websites like Undefeated (shopify), and Target, plus many more. You can also group together certain profiles for easier navigation.



This tab allows you to set your discord webhooks, and other notifications like Twitter, slack, and SMS. These will allow you to know when you have made a checkout, and other in-bot notifications. After filling out the required info, you can send a test notification as well to make sure everything is working.



The Captcha tab is essential when botting most sites. The first thing you need to see is your third-party solvers. 2Captcha, Anticaptcha, Capmonster, Autosolve, and Poseidon are all supported within Eve. After you put in your API key for any of them, your balance within those programs will be used to solve captcha's while you don't even have to be at your computer. This is great for sites like Walmart, and footsites. Another feature within the Captcha tab is the "Manual Captcha Solvers'' These are most often utilized for shopify sites. Shopify requires speed that is harnessed manually, instead of with third-party solvers. You click the plus button to add a solver, and then log into your gmail account.



Proxies are a must when botting any site. This tab allows you to enter your proxies by putting them in a list, and you can test them here as well on a variety of sites. You can import proxies via a file, paste them using a certain format, or manually enter them in.



The Log tab might not be utilized by every botter, but is something that is important to understand. These logs are from your tasks and what they are doing. They can help you understand what happened in certain tasks and what went right, or wrong.



The settings tab is of course of great importance. This tab allows you to update Eve, renew your license (if you have a renewal key), clear your logs automatically, deactivate your license key, reset the one checkout per site, edit the default retry delays, edit what notifications make sounds, and other settings such as log files, and the software files. Another key part of this tab is the "Quick and Remote Task Settings". This section allows you to input what profile, proxy list, sizing, delays, and mode you want to use when you make a quick task using monitors from your cook group.



This part of Eve allows you to do a variety of things like gather cookies for Target, and then manually inject cookies on other sites like Bestbuy and Finishline. This also allows you to use the "Shopify Manager'' where you can get shipping rates, or put shipping rates in to make the checkout process faster. Eve also comes with a splash breaker which is a helpful tool that allows you to open many browsers at the same time. This is great for things like PS Direct where you are put in a queue. There is also a "Remote Task Monitor'' which you can set up.

Now that you know how to navigate Eve AIO's interface, let's dive into creating a task.


Eve supports many different sites and each one has a different way of creating a task. There are many factors of each that are the same though. You first choose the website you would like to make a task for, the profile you want to use, the proxy list for monitoring and checking out. Then you can use a direct link, keywords, SKU, or variant. This is different for every site though, some only supporting one or the other. The type of checkout you want to use; This includes credit card which is automatically done, and paypal which you manually have to complete. The login for the site (if applicable), the mode you would like to use (this is different for each site), quantity of the item (if applicable), discount code (if applicable), captcha bypass (if applicable). You can then move over to the general tab which allows you to change the retry delay, size, and price check of the item you are making a task for. Finally, the advanced tab has options for enabling a third party solver, and watch task.

While this may seem daunting at first, it will soon become quick and easy to make a task for whatever site and item you are going for.

Performance and Price

Eve has been around in the community for a long time. Its performance reflects well on its price tag; Meaning that it does not perform the best at any one thing, but it is one of the cheapest bots and still works for a majority of the sites it supports. It generally sits at around $200 for a lifetime copy, and below $100 for a renewal.

In Conclusion

Eve AIO has been around for a very long time and has earned a spot in the botting community as a versatile, user-friendly bot. Because of the wide range of sites it supports, which includes many sites that other bots don't support , Eve is essential to have in your arsenal of bots. The best, and easiest way you can purchase Eve AIO is from Tidal Marketplace.

Bot: Eve AIO
Supports: Collectibles, Shopify, Supreme, Footsites, Mesh, Misc.
Operating System: Windows
Retail: $250
Renewal: $35 monthly, or Lifetime
Twitter: @EveAIO
Instagram: @eveaiox
Authentication System: Unbindable

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