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Why should I use Tidal Rentals?

Tidal Rentals has built a system that ensures both the bot owner and renter are protected. Every day we see reports of rental scams. This includes bot owners taking your money without giving you access to the bot, refusing to provide key resets, and being slow to give crucial announcements regarding the bot. We provide all guides, updates, and announcements in a centralized location so you don’t have to rely on the bot owner.

What sort of scam protections do we provide?

Tidal Rentals promises that any key resets needed will happen in a timely manner and any key/relevant information for success with your rented bot will be provided. If either of these conditions are not met, we will issue a full refund to the customer. When it comes to protection for the seller, we ensure that all our guides, updates, and announcements are up to date for your renter, while also offering 100% coverage for any wrongful chargebacks that may occur.

What is the difference between Tidal Staff Listings and Member Listings?

Tidal Staff Listings will always be supplied a staff member on the Tidal Team, giving you the extra reassurance of a smooth transaction. Depending on the bot, you may notice a slight increase in price for Tidal Staff Listings. That is because when renting from Tidal Staff, you can know for certain that your keys will be reset as quickly as possible by our staff members working around the clock.

Do you offer any benefits for frequent users?

Returning members are absolutely rewarded! As a seller, you can achieve higher ranks. As you increase your seller rank, your platform fees will decrease. We offer returning buyers a feeless rental after each paid rental. Check your profile tab in the dashboard to learn more about our benefits!

How do payouts work?

We are using a partnered payment system through Stripe, which allows you to have the security of a big provider. Once your rental is over, Stripe will automatically send a payout directly to your bank 3-5 days after your rental is over. If for some reason your bank is not supported by Stripe, you can link your Transferwise account through our Stripe platform as well.

What do I need to do to rent out my bots?

Listing your bots is simple. All you need to do is create an account, link your discord (must be 30 days or older), and link your Stripe account. That’s it!

I don’t see the bot I want to rent.

We are currently trying to provide the best support we can for the most popular bots. Over time we will be adding more bots to our system! If there is a bot you think we should add to our site please suggest it in our discord!

If I have a problem with my rental, what should I do?

We understand that not every rental is perfect. If you aren’t satisfied with your rental experience, please open a ticket in our live chat at the bottom right of your screen!. This allows us to give you personalized, one on one support to resolve your issue!

When would Tidal Rentals not provide a refund?

Tidal Rentals does not take responsibility if the bot you decided to rent does not perform well on a release. We understand that it can be frustrating to pay for a rental and not get the result you were looking for. If you want to ensure success on a release join our discord and reach out to our support staff with any questions you have regarding bot performance and setup. To read our full terms of service click here.
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