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Balkobot, which was founded by Balko in 2018, is a fully automated software that allows users to buy limited items without the hassle of going for an item manually. Balko first started off only supporting Adidas and Shopify in 1.0, and was well liked in the community as a solid bot with a relatively low renewal and resale price. Flash forward to late April, 2019, 2.0 drops, with it comes increased support for footsites, Off-white, Supreme, Yeezy Supply, and Ambush. This barrage of new supported sites cements Balko as a true AIO bot and leads to tons of more success for its user base. Now, Balko is a one of the best performing bots for shopify, and has a resale of over $2000. Balko’s renewals are $40/6 months, $60/6 months, $360/year, or lifetime.


Balko is a very straight forward bot, with a “what you see is what you get” UI, creating tasks, creating proxy lists, or creating profiles is a breeze. on the top header in the bot, there are 6 different tabs that are selectable. From left to right, starting with are the tasks tab, which is where you create and edit tasks. Then the proxies tab, where you create lists and test proxies. After that, the analytics tab, which gives an in depth analysis of what has been bought with balko. Then the captcha tab, which allows you to add or remove captchas. Second to last, the profiles tab, which allows you to add, remove, or edit profiles, Finally, the settings tab, where you can add accounts, add webhooks, add rates, import cookies, change the color of balko’s interface, and change any other settings within the bot.



When you first enter into the bot, you will be greeted with the tasks page. This is where tasks for certain sites are created. A task, in its simplest form, is a bot imitating a human checking out a product on a website. It is just like if you were to go onto the Kith website and buy a pair of socks, only a bot is doing it and can do it at the same time for many different profiles.

Botting modes


Balko has 3 botting modes for releases, regular, safe, and extra safe. Regular, which is the fast mode equivalent to other bots, is best used in situations that require fast checkout speeds without the risk of being banned due to bot protection. Safe mode, which is the equivalent of safe preload on other bots, is the best for utilizing both speed and keeping in mind bot protection. Extra safe mode, which is the equivalent of safe mode on other bots, is best used when heavy antibot measures are in place for a site.


Balko’s support platform, like most bots, is Discord. In the discord server, you will have access to guides, release channels for all of the latest drops, support staff that will guide you through setting up, video guides for those who prefer learning visually, and any other solutions to problems that may arise while owning the bot. Balko supports Windows and Mac OS. If you are paying resale for Balko, you will get discord access on whatever account you decide to bind it to since it is unbindable. Keep in mind that it is a 3 month cooldown in between binds. Balko is owned and developed by Jordan Ellison, aka Balko on twitter. It is updated regularly to patch bugs.

Ending words

As of April 2021, Balko has solidified itself as an excellent shopify bot, with a niche in eating stock on Shoe Palace, Undefeated, Concepts, DSM, and Kith. With resell prices going as high as 3 thousand dollars on some renewals, it is definitely a high price, high reward bot that has consistent success.

Supports: Shopify, Footsites, Supreme, Adidas, Yeezy Supply, Off White, and Ambush
Operating System: Windows and Mac
Retail: $360
Renewal: $40/6 months, $60/6 months, $360/year, or lifetime.
Twitter: @balkobot
Authentication System: Unbindable, bound to Discord

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