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Hayha was founded in September of 2019 and in just over 2 years, it has proved itself to be a great bot with a high success rate. Hayha is considered an AIO (All in One) bot because of its support of sites like Footlocker, Supreme, YeezySupply, Converse, Finishline, Hibbett Sports, Walmart, Snipes and some Shopify stores too. The success of Hayha comes from its appeal to both seasoned and beginners in the sneaker botting game – the Graphical User Interface or GUI is accessed easily, and it makes it easy for beginners to navigate a sneaker bot. The command line interface or the CLI can be optioned on Hayha and this is more appropriate for those who have experience with sneaker bots. Hayha does come with a wide variety of features which help make the stressful process of sneaker botting much easier.


Hayha comes with a statistics window that allows you to view every aspect of the sneaker botting process. You can view how much data is being used at a specific time, how long you have till your key for the bot will expire and can view breakdowns of what you have bought through Hayha too.


Hayha has a feature that allows you to enter raffles too – it makes many, many accounts after you enter your personal details (like email and address) and the raffle url. The benefit of having so many accounts is that it massively increases your chances of being picked in the raffle which is what we all want at the end of the day!


Hayha also comes with a Tasks windows that allows you to create and utilise tasks in the bot. As we all know, tasks are the one of the most important steps when it comes to botting sneakers so it is nice to see that Hayha has made a separate, an easy to navigate window for them. Once you set up a task (you need multiple task if you are planning on checking out multiple items), you can view the size, product, status of the task, the actions that come with the task and the profile that is being used for this particular task. From this window, you can easily start, stop and edit tasks (choosing to do them individually or all at once) which makes the process easier.


Hayha comes with a separate window for accounts that allows you to generate accounts for Shopify sites and SNKRS too. For Shopify, you will have to enter your email and password that you would like to use for the account. Furthermore, you will have to add the Store URL for the Shopify store you are looking to create multiple accounts for. For SNKRS, you will have to add a Text Verified Client Key followed by the Client Secret and the password. Once entered, you can simply generate accounts with the click of a button. These accounts can be exported, deleted and you can add proxies to them too, all from the Accounts page under Hayha.


Hayha comes with a great deal of written documentation which makes using the bot much easier if you are a beginner. Furthermore, Hayha has many video guides which can be used to learn the basics of Sneaker botting and Hayha also comes with a support team that provide quick and efficient support should you need it.

Ending Words

As of December 2021, Hayha has solidified itself as a great AIO bot that provides users with high chances of success. It has also proved itself as a bot that both beginners and experienced users can you use which adds to its appeal. Hayha is compatible on both MacOS and Windows operating systems, with support for other systems being added soon. Overall, I would recommend Hayha to anyone looking for a solid bot that can provide them with some success when looking to cop some sneakers or apparel that is in desire.

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