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Koi AIO - EU

Created in April 2021, Koi AIO EU is an upcoming all-in-one bot from Koi Solutions. This is a leading group that comes with their in-house bot, as well as other features such as extensions and tools. This makes Koi EU an attractive bot to many people because of built in features like proxyless monitoring using Koi Solution’s own monitors.

Koi supports retail sites such as Walmart and GameNerdz as well as footsites. This versatility is appealing as Koi starts to prove itself in the industry. Koi AIO is currently available on third-party markets such as Tidal Marketplace, or available to rent on Tidal’s website.

Koi’s renewal is $250 for the first three months and then $75 every three months. It is developed by a team that has previously worked on other projects such as CandyPreme.

General Overview

After launching Koi and entering your license key you’ll see the full interface, along with six tabs on the left-hand side complete with a page for analytics, tasks, profiles, accounts, proxies, and settings.

Let’s go into what you’ll see in each of these tabs.



The analytics area is what you’ll see when you open the bot, and it houses all of your data. It contains your number of checkouts over a certain amount of time as well as the amount of money spent, and the amount of declines.



The page for tasks not only houses all of your running or idle tasks, but the creator for them as well. You can view the site, profile, size, proxy, and status of your already created tasks.

Now, let’s go into creating a task in Koi.

Creating Tasks


To create a task, you just need to go to the create button on the “Tasks” tab. Then you’ll see a task creation window. This is where you can select the site, proxy list, size, mode, profile, account, keyword/url, # of tasks, and price check for whatever you are running for.



Creating profiles on any bot is almost always the same. Koi AIO is no different, you enter in your information, or import it through a different source and save the profiles. You can also export profiles for convenience.



Entering accounts for Koi is most utilized for retail sites, and the process to do it is very simple. Koi has you enter the account in format, name the group, save it, and then you’re done. The accounts are now ready to be selected in your tasks.



Just like entering profiles in Koi, entering your proxies is very simple and almost the same as any bot. It is also similar to adding accounts. Simply click the + to add a new group, paste in the proxies, name the list, save it, and you’re done. The proxies are now available to be selected in your tasks.



The settings tab in Koi AIO is essential to being able to run the bot. It contains the delays, your webhooks, as well third-party captcha solvers. You can enter in your third-party captcha solver key and use them for your tasks. Koi currently supports AYCD Autosolve and 2Captcha.

This tab allows you to open manual captcha solvers for these sites: GameNerdz and PokemonCenter.

In addition to this section of Koi containing all of this, it has your key and the details of your license.

Price & Performance

Koi AIO is a very new bot but has promising success on all of the sites it supports. It is constantly adding new developers to the team to help boost its performance. However, the bot has also yet to prove itself in the long-term. A renewal key sits around $300 on the aftermarket.

In Conclusion

Koi AIO is an easy-to-understand bot with an intuitive interface, and simple task creation. It also supports different regions and is a versatile software. Koi is appealing to users of all experience and you can try it out by renting it on Tidal Marketplace’s website.

Full List of Supported Sites

-Walmart -Pokemoncenter -Disney UK -PlazaJapan -GameNerdz -CoreTCG -Champs Sports -Eastbay -Footaction -Footlocker Kids -Footlocker US -Footlocker CA

Keep in mind that supported sites are constantly being changed and added.

Bot: Koi AIO - EU
Supports: Retail & Collectibles, Footsites
Operating System: Windows & Mac
Retail: $250
Renewal: $75/3
Twitter: @Koi_aio & @Koi_solutions
Authentication System: Unbindable

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