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MEKPreme, also known as Mek, has been one of the leading contenders of Supreme for a while. Insanely high to get your hands on for retail, resellers are looking to pay hundreds to thousands for copies, knowing that Mek has their back when it comes to drops. Mek stands up against some of the greatest Supreme bots like Velox and F3ATHER, but many argue it is the best and number one against those two.

Mek's dark red-themed is a very nice touch to incredible features that it provides. In the header, you are able to see how many tasks you have created, the time, and most importantly, a recommended task number, which allows you to save your CPU usage. When creating tasks, you have additional options of captcha bypass (currently not functional at the time of writing this), 3D bypass (EU), and retry on failure. Outside of creating a task, Mek has a unique feature of Ticket detection, which lights up green if Ticket is enabled for the drop as well as a data saver option which is toggled by preference.

Mek Task Page

Like most bots, there are tabs for tasks, profiles, proxies, etc., this allows users to make the adjustments needed to their tasks. In addition, you have a "Copped" tab which shows you all of your purchases through the bot. It also supports Captcha AutoSolve if applicable.

The Discord server provides weekly guides for releases per region which include which keywords to run. Although the bot is in English text, the Discord does provide support in both, English and Chinese. Also, there is a renewal notice channel which will ping you to notify you when your license is expiring which comes in handy.

MEKPreme is a destroyer when it comes to Supreme New York. With hundreds of thousands of total checkouts, you can be sure to rely on it on the next Supreme drop. Mek is incredibly easy to use and with profiles ready, you can make all of your tasks in a matter of minutes. Once started, just sit back and watch those checkouts flow in. This is definitely a bot to consider if you're looking to cook Supreme so be sure to grab a copy at Tidal, other marketplace, or catch a restock on their Twitter. Let's Make Everyone cooK!

Bot: MEKPreme
Supports: Supreme
Operating System: MAC + Windows
Retail: $168
Renew: $60 per 6 months
Twitter: @MEKRobotics
Success: @MEKRobotics
Authentication system: Unbindable