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Nike Shoe Bot, commonly referred to as NSB is often seen as a decent bot for beginners with its comparatively low retail price of 499 (Which can often be found for lower VIA group buys and discount codes.) NSB is not a limited bot, which means you are able to purchase NSB at any time directly from the producer of this application. This allows anyone who is interested in this bot to check it out without having to pay double or even triple the retail price.

Despite being referred to as the Nike shoe bot, NSB covers far more than just Nike sneakers. NSB is an AIO, or All in One bot, meaning it has the capability to cover a large range of websites. NSB covers Supreme, Shopify sites (Kith, Bathing Ape, and ASSC) and Footsites such as Champs and Footlocker. This means you don't necessarily need to buy separate bots which is especially beneficial to people who are new to the resell market and don't have as much capital to start with.


The staff of the NSB support team have been extremely helpful. Before drops, there are detailed setup guides provided to users. These guides show the sites, the best mode to use, delay suggestions, and general advice on how to cop. The team is quick to respond to questions individuals may have about the software, and with a large staff team it is unlikely you will have to wait long for an answer.


The developers of NSB are always on top of their game when it comes to pushing updates. The team pushes out countless updates that help the user increase their chances of copping a limited release. They are always evaluating previous releases and looking to see how they can improve upon their software. In addition, for websites such as Supreme the team does their best to code around bot protections randomly implemented by the website giving better chances of success.



The layout of the application itself is very simple to navigate and has a clean design. It is easy to find where to go to setup your bot as all of the tabs is clearly labeled. Overall, there are seven tabs displayed. The first tab lays out all of the tasks you have setup and gives you the option to create tasks, run your tasks, edit tasks, stop tasks, or delete tasks! This is the main screen of the bot where you will most likely be spending most of your time through setting up and solving captchas (Which are displayed here). Following the task tab, we have proxies.

With NSB it is very simple to setup proxies, all you have to do is paste in your proxy list and name it! Next, we have the billing tab in which you setup your profiles. This is very simple to do as NSB lays out a format of everything needed to be filled in. An additional feature of this bot is that it supports one check out, a feature not all bots have which is good if you only are looking for one pair.

Also, NSB holds the option of“Checkout once per site per item" which is very helpful in preventing duplicate orders under the same profile, a common reason for order cancelations. Following those tabs, there is the captcha tab for setting up solvers, a monitor tab for connecting your discord to hit restocks, and a tab that shows the overall purchases you have made on the bot!



Setting up tasks is very straight forward with NSB. Once you create a task, you have a GUI pop up that gives many options such as the website you wish to run on, the mode you wish to use, the delays you chose, the proxy list you want, and the size and color of the item! (Supports random sizing and color) It is easy to set up tasks in bulk as you can chose the billing profile and the number of tasks you wish to have run, and then you can switch the website and repeat the process! This simple process makes setting up tasks much less complicated than it may originally seem!

Botting Modes

Cyborg 3.0- Often used when anti-bot protections are used on a website to try to emulate human activity for websites such as Kith!

Fast- Recommended for when there is little to no bot protection, aims to check out quickly.

Safe- Recommended for when it is unknown the level of protection, moves slower than Fast to lower the chances of being picked up by bot protections bot not quite as effective as Cyborg.

Restock- Used to run for restocks, as the name implies. Monitors can be setup to look out for restocks or the bot can search the website for keywords and wait for a restock.

Ending words

As previously stated, this bot is a good option for people who are new to the world of botting. It covers many websites, has a relatively low retail value, is easy to set up, and is effective!

Bot: NSB Supports: Shopify, Footsites, Adidas & Yeezy Supply
Operating System: MAC + Windows
Retail: $499
Renew: $499 / year
Twitter: @NSB_Bot
Success: @NSB_Bot
Authentication system: Not Unbindable

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