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Polaris AIO

PolarisAIO, a bot developed by @yzylab, has been a bot that has been cooking for quite some time now. During its prime, it was an extremely popular bot. With its simple unbinding system and keychange, users were purchasing copies left and right as Polaris was destroying Footlocker releases from all regions. 

General Overview

Launching Polaris, you are prefaced with its "Dashboard" tab where you are shown your key information, update and changelog, and your recent purchases. It is very easy to navigate in the bot with its smooth design. With the analytics, you can filter out between different sites, such as Shopify, Supreme, Adidas, etc. This is shown on a timeline-format. 



Let's move on to the "Modules" tab which is right below "Dashboard". The modules act as task groups seen in other bots which allow a very organized set up when creating loads of tasks. Per module, you have different features. For example, on an Adidas release, with splash, you are shown which tasks have passed the splash page and which ones are still stuck in it. This is very convenient as users don't have to scroll through every task to see their statuses. 


Concluding with the rest of the tabs, there is "Proxies", "Profiles", "Solvers", and "Settings". All of these are straightforward and seen in other bots, though it is advantageous to have a tab for your captcha solvers. This allows for easy management for solvers when running for a big release. 


General Takeaway

Polaris has come a long way in the botting community to prove itself one of the top-tier bots for botters. Whether it be for Supreme, Adidas, or even Footsites, Polaris has it all covered. Of course, like any bots, there are slip-ups when the bot does not perform up to par, but that does not stop the developers from improving it and making it the best of the best. With its easy unbinding and key-shuffle system, users are safely able to buy, sell, and trade at Tidal and other marketplaces.

Bot: Polaris
Supports: Adidas, Yeezy Supply, Supreme, misc.
Operating System: macOS and Windows
Retail: £250
Twitter: @polarisaio
Authentication system: **Unbindable **