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Project Destroyer

Project Destroyer

Project destroyer, also known as PD has been one of the oldest bots in the game. First released to the public in 2017, PD has overtaken the sneaker community by storm. With its sleek user interface, loads of success, and helpful team, it's a no brainer that this bot grew on the community and is now a staple in the bot market.

ProjectDestroyer Dashboard

Project destroyer is an AIO (All in one) Bot. This type of bot does not single out on a single out on one module, rather focuses on multiple modules to fit the needs of the consumer. The sites Project Destroyer covers are:

-Shopify (Kith, Undefeated etc.)
-Footsites (Footlocker, champs, Eastbay, Footaction)
-Mesh (JD Sports, Solebox etc.)
-Demandware (Adidas / Yeezysupply)
-Misc. sites like Finishline

PD has 4 different pricings which you are able to select from if you intend to purchase this bot:

-200$ Flat fee + 35$ Monthly
-200$ Flat fee + 150/6 Months.
-Lifetime with Adidas
-Lifetime without Adidas

General Overview

When the bot is first launched, You will be prompted to enter your key. This may either be given in an email or simply if you login to your dashboard. Upon entering your key, the bot will pop up and you will be granted access to Project Destroyer.

On the top of the bot, you will see 8 different tabs, each one is crucial to navigating the bot and well be gone over in depth.


Upon opening the bot for the first time, you will come across to the “Dashboard” Page. It is in this page where you will be able to see all of your current tasks, and options to either start tasks, stop them, duplicate, delete etc…


Opening up the “new task” tab at the top of the bot will grant you access to where you may create your tasks. Here you may choose the site, the mode (Safe, Extra safe etc…,). And for those looking for some freedom, there are extra settings at the bottom such as: Custom Delays, Captcha, account groups and a few others!


in the Profiles tab is where you will input your billing/shipping information, as well as your card information. Everything here is self-explanatory, however there are few options that can make setting up the bot all the simpler. These include a “Jig address” option, an option to run one checkout per site, even an option to limit the amounts of checkouts as a total!


Once in the proxy tab, you may configure your proxy groups by creating groups, editing groups, and deleting them. Everything is self-explanatory as well here, however there is a few key options which are handy to know of. The “Test” Feature will test your current selected proxy group and will be tested in the site of your choice.

Once tested, you may delete failed or bad proxies, making setting up proxies easier since it can be tested in bot, minimizing the hassle of having to switch between applications to find a proxy tester.


In the accounts tab, you may add accounts for specific sites or sites that require password for checkout (Concepts, undefeated). Like on the proxy tab, here you may group all accounts together, and may also test the accounts to make sure they are working.


Here in the settings tab is where you may configure all the bots specifics. You may add a webhook for either slack or discord. Set your delays (Both Monitors and Error delays). Waterfall monitors, Test webhooks, google login (For harvesters), edit your quicktask settings and more!


ProjectDestroyer Statistics

Here in the statistics tab, you may see general checkout information. Such as when you ran the bot, what site and what item you copped, all in a user friendly and intuitive graph.

In conclusion

Project destroyer deserves its spot in the hearts of many botters in the sneaker community. With its robust check out potential, its user-friendly User Interface. It certainly maintains its ease of use, with integrated settings and options for the advanced botters, and general settings for beginners. This bot is a must have in your arsenal and deserves the attention and appreciation it is given.

Bot: Project Destroyer
Supports: YeezySupply, Supreme, Footsites + More
Operating System: MAC + Windows
Retail: $200
Renew: $150 per 6 months or $35 per month
Twitter: @destroyerbots
Success: @destroyerbots
Authentication system: Unbindable