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Stellar AIO is a retail bot that specializes in sites such as Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart. After an extreme rise in demand for cards and consoles, Stellar came out of the gates firing in late 2020 with the release of their beta. It cooked console and card restocks on multiple sites, and gained a large following. After coming out of beta in February of 2021, it has solidified itself as a consistent bot in the retail space. Resale prices started out at around $600, and have recently settled out at $450 (mid-May 2021).


Stellar’s support and update information is found in their Discord. In the discord server, you can find general guides and support staff to help you with all problems that may arise. A unique part of the Stellar support systems is their “Support Calls”. In these “calls” they send out answers to issues that are happening on certain sites as well as tips and tricks to utilize Stellar to its maximum potential. If you do buy Stellar, keep in mind that there are thousands of other users that may need the same help as you need. This might lead to slower response from their support staff or shortened replies. To counteract this, joining a cook group or watching videos are both viable options.

Stellar only supports Windows at the moment, and is updated constantly to implement patches and new modules. The owner, Thermal, is also the main developer.



Stellar’s UI is very straight forward. It has pleasing blue's, pink’s, and purple’s as a color pallet. In terms of the layout of the bot, on the left side of the screen there are six tabs to navigate to other screens within Stellar, and then the rest of the screen is dedicated to the individual page you are on.

The first page you are greeted with is the dashboard page; this gives you analytics for money spent, checkouts and declines, previous checkouts, which sites you’ve checked out on, and how much money you’ve spent monthly. A particularly useful tool is the previous checkouts analytic. It allows users to have a fourth source of confirmation of checkouts besides emails, webhooks, and card charges.

The next tab, the tasks tab, is where task creation can be done. The third tab, proxies, is where proxy lists and proxy tests can be found. After that is the accounts tab, this is where you log into accounts for websites that require accounts to checkout. The next tab is profiles. Just like almost all other bots, this is where you can set up different profiles for your bot. Finally, the last tab, settings, is where general settings can be addressed. These include setting up a Discord webhook, captcha configuration, importing and exporting cookies, and changing the UI appearance of Stellar.

Botting Modes/Tasks

Creating tasks in Stellar is simple, first, you create a task group. This group is made for a specific item on a specific site. Once your group has been created, you can create individual tasks with different profiles and proxy lists. Most sites are either normal or guest mode, which are both essentially the same thing. It checks out as a guest on the sites. For Amazon, there’s monitor, turbo, offerid, and offerid2. Offerid is the fastest mode. Turbo is right behind it but gets less soft bans. Offerid2 is slower than offerid but is a different checkout flow, and monitor mode monitors for restocks with your proxies. For Target, there’s safe, safe2, hype, and pickup2. For safe mode, it uses the information pre saved on your Target account. For safe2, it uses a profile you’ve selected instead of an account. Pickup2 uses a backup in case pickup doesn’t work. Finally, for hype, it is the best mode for going for cards or pools. Walmart has three modes, safe, monitor, and fast. They are all like the ones mentioned above.


Closing Words

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, almost all products are in short supply, so retail botting demand will only continue to increase. Even after manufacturers have caught up to precovid production, limited availability will still exist, leaving retail botters to drown in the profits. Along with retail botters making money, bots like stellar will have increased performance. All in all, Stellar has great potential and has filled a niche in the botting world.

Supports: Academy, Amazon, AMD, Best Buy, Best Buy CA, B&H Photo, EB Games CA, Fanatics, Gamenerdz, Gamestop, Home Depot, Newegg, Panini, Pokémon Center, Shopify, SSENSE, Target, Tesla, Topps, Toys R Us CA, Walmart, Walmart CA

Operating System: Windows
Retail: $300
Renewal: $30/month
Twitter: @stellara_io
Authentication System: Unbindable, Discord

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