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The Shit Bot (TSB)

TSB took the hearts of all resellers with its all-intuitive interface, and great performance. The bot specifically is made for Nike SNKRS, a site notorious for its unpredictable backend and altercations. TSB was created back in 2019, and to present day takes the most stock out of any SNKRS bot available, not to mention the most well-known.

TSB works by mass entering SNKRS accounts, which can be made by the users or bought from a third party. TSB is acquirable through its website, which has it listed for 999$, However it is most often obtained by group buy or restocks, which drops the price to 299$ yearly.

TSB is also able to be used by both Mac and Windows users, adding to the bots versatility. TSBOverview

General Overview

When first purchased, a key is sent to the users email to where they may input the key. Upon entering the key in the access screen, that will close, and you are presented with TSB’s simple UI.

At the top of the bot, you will see the different tabs available. (Tasks, Accounts, Profiles, Proxies, Calendar, Cops, Orders and settings) All of which will be explained thoroughly.



Upon entering the bot, you will be greeted to TSB’s “Tasks” section. Here you may view current tasks, export, and import tasks Create tasks, Start, stop, edit, and delete tasks.

On the task bar, there is a search bar in the case you are looking for a specific task. Here you may see what Billing profile is tied to the accounts, what proxy lists and size the tasks are running, the chosen product, Task mode and Product ID.

Upon clicking the “New Task” button, you will be prompted a second window, to where you may create your accounts. Here, you may select your Nike Region, your Product Link, Preferred Sizes, Billing profiles, Proxy lists, and what accounts should be used. Under these main features are the advanced settings, such as require login and scheduling the tasks. You may choose the desired task mode and if you would like the bot to input these accounts in a headless browser or non-headless.


The second tab on TSBs UI is the "Accounts" Section. Here, you may import accounts and export them in a “Email: Password” format, as well as add single accounts. You may also search for specific accounts, and below the accounts tab, you may see the accounts email, When the account was added, what location and Region, the number used for the account, and the account status.

On the bottom, you may delete all accounts, or click the "Actions all" button to see more settings. These settings include:

  • Check All: Checks all accounts to make sure they were not clipped by NIKE’s filtration system.
  • Access all: Checks all accounts for Exclusive Access.
  • Stop All: Stops all current actions.
  • Orders All: Checks the orders of all accounts.
  • Set Password All: Allows you to set a password for each of the accounts.



On the profiles tab, You may import, export, and create new billing profiles that can be tied to your accounts. On the display, you may see the Profile ID, Profile Name, Account Name, Date created, and the type of card linked to that profile.

Upon clicking the "new profile", you are greeted by the standard billing input. (Profile name, phone number, card info etc.) There are a couple of neat features that allow you to test the bot on a fake profile using the "Generate Fake address" button. Below you may also choose the type of profile in the case where you are using a Japanese profile, Russian Profile, Passport ID profile, and Philippines Profiles.



On the "Proxies" tab, you may create proxy lists and/or import and export them. By clicking on the “New proxy list” you wil be prompted to add a name for the proxy list and add them into that list. You may also check your proxies' format to make sure your proxies of choice are compatible with TSB’s formatting.

In the case where you would like to add proxies to a list, you simply click the edit button at the right of the proxy list (Pencil button), and add it to the bottom of the list.



In the calendars tab, you may check upcoming releases. This is a unique feature that the team at TSB implemented to make it easier for customers creating tasks. It shows all upcoming releases, Including release dates, style codes, retail price, and drop method (LEO or DAN). A simple click will copy the shoes title to be inputted into the task menu to save you time.

Cops and Orders



These 2 tabs go hand in hand with each other. The Cops tab will show you an image of the item you copped using TSB and will display basic information of the specific item. Including the type of product copped, Task mode, Account email, the size and the time of checkout as well as the billing profile used.

On the other hand, the Orders tab will show you the product type, order #, location of shipment and the phone and email used when the item was copped. This tab is to know more about the specific shipping information.



In the settings tab, you will find useful information when it comes to the bot itself, such as the key and the webhooks.

You may also edit the defaults for the bot (Specific Nike region and Proxy list). If needed, you can limit the amount of tasks that go on at a time (This can be done for a multitude of reasons, but most is performance wise)

A crucial setting here is the “Cookie Jar” feature, this allows you to generate cookies for the bot to use when entering and checking accounts, here you may select the proxy used to generate cookies, generate them or clear them.

Oh yeah, and the option to choose light or dark mode.

General Takeaway

TSB has been the leading bot in the sneaker community, for its versatility, and success rate. Every SNKRS release, users bag more items than most SNKRS bots. Although it involves making more 3rd party purchases (SNKRS accounts, proxies, etc.) it does stand at the top when someone is in need of a SNKRS bot. Whether it's a backup bot, or a simple primary. This software should be in everyone's arsenal, beginner or expert.

Bot: The Shit Bot
Supports: Nike SNKRS
Operating System: MAC + Windows
Retail: $999
Renew: $999 per year

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