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Tohru started off as a Supreme-only bot, with great success on most drops and a dedicated user base. With the renewal fees and the aftermarket price being very cheap at the time, it was a favourite of those into Supreme. Fast forward to late 2019 and the developers of Tohru pushed their Footsites module, a long journey to eventually lead them to become a fully-fledged AIO bot. Tohru’s Footsites module did extremely well, pushing the resale value of the bot at the time to over $2500, an almost overnight jump. Tohru added Yeezy Supply in late 2020 and came out as the leading bot on their first release, snagging tens of pairs for most of their user base. Tohru’s latest edition is their Nike module, with support for both first-come, first-served drops and SNKRS raffle drops, allowing users to bot Nike with high success in a truly AIO package.



Tohru is a very procedural bot, with the application using groups to allow the user to organise their tasks, accounts and more. Every part of the bot uses the same setup of Google Chrome-like tabs to navigate - for example, the task groups are arranged across the top of the bot within the Tasks section of the bot, allowing for easy navigation. Settings are arranged in a similar way, with General settings and site-specific settings being navigated using a tab system. Release groups can be named, and you can choose which module the release tab uses, from the sites supported by the bot. There is also a Default tab available where you can create tasks for every site the bot supports, in case you want to have all your tasks in a single place for ease of access.

The left side of the bot in the Tasks section will have the statistics for the task group you’re currently viewing, with the number of tasks running, tasks queued, carts, checkouts, and declines you currently have. Finally, Tohru uses a checkbox system to select tasks; in order to start, stop, edit or delete tasks you must use the checkbox selector to select the tasks you want to select, with a shortcut at the top of the page to allow you to select all the tasks in that group. Proxies, accounts and profiles work the same way as tasks, with a checkbox system to allow you to select entities to perform proxy tests on proxies for example. Everything can be grouped, allowing easy management of profiles, for example. Tohru supports Autosolve, but 3rd party captcha keys can be added in the settings (2captcha and Capmonster are supported), allowing you to outsource your captcha solving without buying a monthly subscription to the AYCD Toolbox. Tohru also has a stats page where the user can see their purchase history and the update logs from Tohru’s developers.



Due to their resale value history, Tohru is perhaps best known as a sturdy Footsites bot that will checkout the items you want. Tohru is also well-known for their Supreme support, consistently hitting on hyped releases such as box logos, and their new Nike module - being one of the first AIO bots to include a Nike module after so many years of resellers using Nike-only bots. At the time of writing, Tohru’s support for their Mesh and Shopify modules is thin in comparison to their Footsites module, for example, but the near future should hold increased development and progress on them.


Tohru provides support in the form of a partner Discord that comes with the bot. Because Tohru is not unbindable, keys have to be sold via burner accounts - when partaking in a transaction for Tohru the buyer will receive the details to the burner account and will use Tohru and the partner Discord server from there. Tohru provides up-to-date release guides for all releases including SKUs and early links, and the support team will help you with whatever queries you may have.

Ending Words

Tohru is a bot that has had a long journey of upgrades, updates and success. There’s no doubt that in the near future, Tohru’s developers will have finished work on their new modules, following their trend of introducing something new and blowing the resale world away with it (like they did with their Footsites and Yeezy Supply modules). Tohru is limited and therefore its resale price can fluctuate, but you can be sure of the fact that if it falls in price, it won’t be too long before it recovers.


Supports: Supreme, Shopify, Footsites, Finishline, Yeezy Supply, Mesh, Nike
Operating System: Mac + Windows
Retail: $200
Renew: $30/month
Twitter: @TohruAIO_
Authentication System: Not Unbindable, bound to Discord

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