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Velox, also known as VeloxPreme, has been one of the dominant Supreme bots for quite some time now. With the very few Supreme-only bots, the developers decided to create Velox in February 2018. Over time, it has gotten extremely popular as checkouts were flying per release. From box logos, to skate decks, to hats, Velox was easily allowing users to cop on drop day and restocks.

In late 2020, the developers wanted to step things up and added a module that supported YeezySupply. This was an extremely hyped update as users were eager to destroy YeezySupply drops alongside Supreme. They announced it to be a "cookieless request mode with Captcha sharing" which increases chances of passing the splash page. Once passed, Velox will work its magic and complete the checkout. With its unbindable authentication system, resellers were readily buying and selling copies left and right.  Resell prices were at an all-time high of $1700 per renewal copy.

Let's talk about the bot's dark-themed interface. As you open Velox, you are placed in the "Tasks" tab which allows you to create, import, export, start, stop, and delete tasks. In order to create a task, press the blue "New Task" button which you are then prompted to select your store of Supreme or YeezySupply. Once finished, you hit the blue "Save" button and your task(s) is ready to be started!

Velox task page

In addition to the "Tasks" tab, there are three others which include, "Profiles", "Proxies", and its complimentary "Analytics" tab. Similar to many other bots, you are able to import and export profiles and proxies. In the "Analytics" tab, you are able to monitor how much money you have spent, your checkouts, and payment declines. This can be extremely useful if you are planning to log your orders. There is also a "Settings" tab which allows webhook and AYCD AutoSolve configuration.

Velox analytics

Velox is definitely a considerable bot option when looking for a Supreme/YeezySupply bot. Although the YeezySupply module is still relatively new, the developers are working hard per release and making the right adjustments. However, they have Supreme locked down. It is a no-brainer to cop this bot for retail during a restock or other means, but you will need some luck on your side with that. Copies are easily buyable in Tidal or any like marketplace. Good luck!

Bot: Velox
Supports: Supreme & YeezySupply
Operating System: MAC + Windows
Retail: €150.00
Renew: €75.00 per 6 months
Authentication system: Unbindable