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Wrath AIO

Wrath AIO has now made a name for itself and pushed itself into the top three bots in the market, even competing with Cyber AIO. Wrath has a considerable fan base, with many still waiting at the front door to get their hands on the bot. The success that the software brings to the table follows with a high market price. Those looking to grab the software at the retail price can go and find it on both their Twitter and Instagram.\

The sites that Wrath supports are:
Supreme New York
Smaller Individual Sites

Wrath-Dashboard Wrath has a straightforward design that does not focus too much on looks but rather performance. When opening the bot, users see a bar graph of the total USD spent orders and the number of failed checkouts.

On the left, there are tabs where users can hop into different sections on the bot. These tabs are as follows; analytics, task groups, profile groups, proxies, accounts, shipping rates, settings, and captchas. The tabs on the left-hand side allow easy multitasking during drop or even during setup. This layout makes it quick and easy for users to set up and make changes during the drop if needed.

The heart of the bot itself is the task group tab.

Here is where all of the action takes place. Users will be able to set up tasks with profiles for desired sites and products. When task groups are turned on and running, Wrath will show the numbered of complete tasks running, the number of products added to the cart, the number of products checked out, and total failed checkouts. Wrath-Tasks

The profile group task group is where users will create, edit, and delete billing information. The experience is truly seamless, with Wrath AIOs feature to break down individual profiles into groups for anything the user wishes. Along with this, when making tasks on the default page, the software will display the email and last four digits of the credit card, allowing for easy editing and knowledge of what the billing profile has. This setup allows the owner to know what info is linked into each profile without fully diving into the profile itself.

In the proxy section, Wrath has a simple box on the left for users to add in proxies; these proxies are broken into lists as the user wishes. In these lists, the user can test them using Wrath's built-in proxy tester.

The account and the shipping tabs give the Wrath user a comfortable place to store account info used for sites if they require accounts to checkout. At the same time, the shipping rates are for websites that require specific shipping prices to checkout. Wrath has an option in wherein the task group section they are able to pull the accounts and rates from these tabs when needed. There is no copy and pasting required.

Finally, in the settings and the captcha page.

Wrath users are able to log in with their gmails into the captcha page. Along with setting up third-party auto solve features into the harvesters such as 2captcha, Capmoster, and ETC. In the settings, the software has the webhook setup, quick task setup, and AYCD connection setup for captchas. Wrath-Captcha

Wrath is one of the top bots on the market now, with some of the highest success. Suppose it is in the budget. Try to pick up Wrath to go along with your botting setup. Though it has a high price resell price, which scares potential buyers, the price displays the proper backing and fanbase of a piece of software like Wrath. Anyone looking to hop into the sneaker or resale market should strongly consider taking Wrath with them on the battlefield. The reason for this is due to Wrath being; dependable, easy to use, and high success its the perfect match with someone who is looking to take a resell career to the next level.

Supports: Shopify, Supreme New York, Footsites
OS: MAC + Windows
Retail: $350
Renew: $50.00 every month
Twitter: @WrathSoftware
Authentication system: Unbindable