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Since being initially released in June 2020, Dragon AIO has made headlines on a number of different occasions. It made headlines first because it was instantly recognised as one of the leading sneaker bots available on the market. You could say that the strategy to release Dragon AIO (All in One) bot during the corona virus pandemic was a masterstroke by the developers behind this spectacular bot. During the pandemic, the whole world was on a standstill and most working individuals found themselves sitting at home with not a lot to do. In a different article, I have discussed as to why I believe that it was the pandemic that led to the boom that we are seeing today of the sneaker market but let me just go over the main idea. The fact that most people were at home with nothing to do meant that they were exposed to different things such as sneakers. The pandemic was also the time when ‘influencing by influencers’ was at its peak and this was a contributing factor as to why the sneaker market boomed during, and after, the corona virus pandemic that began in 2020. However, the root cause as to why the sneaker market boomed was the additional time that people had on their hands when they were sitting at home. Now, back to my original point; the release of Dragon AIO at a time when the sneaker market was on the way up and at a time when people were looking to find new sources of income or try out new things was a great move by the people behind this bot. The clever timing of the release may be why this bot is one of the most expensive, if not the most expensive, bot that is available on the market. Dragon AIO goes for prices above $15,000 USD – yes, you read that right. This piece of software, that frankly works magic when it comes to botting, sells for above $15,000 USD. Let’s just put that into context – that’s probably the same price as a nice used car. But there is a subtle difference between the 2 products. While the car will continue to depreciate in value over time, Dragon AIO seems like it will continue growing in price. You could almost view the purchase of this bot as an investment because of the fact that trends show that Dragon AIO will continue rising in price; if you are a sneaker botter yourself, you can buy this bot and sell it in a couple of years time when it is selling for a higher price. However, if you are not a sneaker botter, you can always rent the bot out for a source of passive income.


When searching up Dragon AIO, you won’t see a lot of results coming up. You won’t even see a website that Dragon AIO owns and restocks through. When looking for the best sneaker bot lists, most chances are that Dragon AIO won’t feature on those lists. All of these reasons combined mean that Dragon AIO is one of the best kept secrets of the sneaker botting world. Most of the marketing of the bot is done through the official twitter page of Dragon AIO which, as of 12 February 2022, has 94,000 followers. Dragon AIO often runs raffles and giveaways on their twitter page and there is a track record that these giveaways are actually genuine so if you are interested by the prospect of owning the bot, definitely give these a go. For beginners to the sneaker botting world, buying Dragon AIO outright would not be a very sound decision; while the sneaker bottling and sneaker reselling world may seem to be very clear cut and easy, let me assure you that it is not. It is only after one has 3 to 4 months experience that they can say that they are a sneaker botter. The sneaker botting world is definitely not cut out for everyone so spending $15,000 USD plus on your first bot would not be a great decision. I would definitely recommend starting off with a bot that is low in value and can be easily sold. If you really think that Dragon AIO is the right bot for you and you are a beginner in the sneaker botting world, renting the bot is the best option for you. With renting, you can experiment with Dragon AIO and find out if it is really right for you and then make the all important decision as to whether you want to spend $15,000 USD plus on it or not. If you make the plunge to buy any bot that is high in value without testing it prior, this may create complications for you – you may find that the bot just doesn’t feel right or it doesn’t live up to your high expectations. Thus, I would definitely recommend that you rent a bot, especially those high in value like Dragon AIO, before you make the decision to buy the bot.

As for support in terms of sites, Dragon AIO supports Nike, Footsites, Yeezy Supply, Mesh, Adidas, JD, Size?, Supreme and along with a few others too. Looking at the range of sites that Dragon AIO supports, there are no notable omissions. It can be said that Dragon AIO is a true All in One bot because of the fact that is supports a whole range of websites from Nike to Adidas as well as clothing brands like Supreme. One advantage of Dragon AIO over the competition is that it supports Collectibles and clothing brands like Supreme along side sneaker stores – the clothing market is just as profitable as the sneaker market (and sometimes more profitable) and it is good to see that the developers behind Dragon AIO have recognized this fact. Thus, if you make the decision to rent or buy Dragon AIO, you’ll have the opportunity to almost diversify the range of products that you resell because of the fact that this bot supports sites of all backgrounds.

As for support in terms of Operating Systems, there is a very notable omission - Dragon AIO only supports Windows and thus, chooses to exclude other operating systems like MacOS and Linux. While most bots don’t support Linux, we should expect bot developers to extend their operations in order to be compatible with the Apple Operating System that is better known as MacOS. Apple Desktops are often the weapon of choice for many sneaker botters and the fact that Dragon AIO doesn’t support MacOS is one thing that holds the bot back. However, we can understand why they have done this – the developers behind Dragon AIO have chosen to omit MacOS for compatibility in a bid for the bot to become truly great with Windows. If they chose to make Dragon AIO compatible for MacOS, they would have to divide their attention between the two Operating Systems but the fact that they chose to only support Windows meant that the Windows Operating System got the full, undivided attention of the developers.


One thing that allows Dragon AIO to stand out from the competition is its very build up; the bot is made in a different way to nearly every other sneaker bot available on the market and this is one of the reasons why the bot stands out and goes for absurd prices on the secondary market. Most bots run tasks (that you will have to create, usually through a ‘Tasks’ page on the bot) that will run until they pick up the product that they are looking for. Once this happens, they will attempt to add the sneaker to the basket and checkout using the profile that is also made via the medium of the bot. However, Dragon AIO uses monitors instead of tasks – now, there isn’t a lot different between how the monitors and tasks operate in the long run but as we all know, subtle changes can make all the difference. Monitors stay on the lookout till a product drops (like with tasks, you will have to input what products you want the bot to monitor) and when the product drops, they will initiate the tasks associated with the product and you should be good to go. Those of you well versed in the sneaker world will say that, ‘but don’t a lot of sneaker bots have built in monitors?’. To this, I’ll respond, ‘yes they do but none operate on the scale that Dragon AIO’s monitors operate’. Dragon AIO has a monitor watching every single site that it supports and these monitors run constantly. The main difference between monitors and tasks is the potential that each holds to upscale; if using tasks, scaling the business is hard however monitors make it easy and simple to upscale. While tasks can hit 10-20 pairs at a time, monitors can view more than 10,000 – 20,000 at a time and this is one of the reasons why Dragon AIO is favoured by experts of the sneaker botting world. Dragon AIO users collectively hit 1 million pairs of sneakers – now, this may not sound like a great achievement but when you consider the exclusivity of Dragon AIO (there are not many users that use the bot) and the fact that the 1 million pairs were hit in just one month (March of 2021), the achievement is taken to new levels.

Dragon AIO has a page that is catered to the statistics that is called ‘Dragon Reports’ – the main part of this page is dominated by a graph that provides personalised information about your checkouts. From the top left of the page, you can adjust the timescale that you want to view through a drop down. On the right hand side of the page, a green box highlights the number of total successes while a blue box highlights the total amount of money spent through the bot. The bottom half of the page is dominated by a list of ‘Recent’ purchases made through the bot – information is provided about the date when the product was purchased, the store it was bought through, the item, the size and whether or not the product has been paid for or not.


Dragon AIO has a page that is dedicated to all the sites it supports and specifically the sites that you want to run through the bot. You can create a ‘manager group’ for each site that you want to run it for – once you click on a manager group, you’ll be given access to the tasks, monitor, gift cards and settings for that site. Task creation through Dragon AIO is also extremely simple – the very right hand side of the site (after you click on the manager group) features an overlay that is titled ‘Task Create’. To create the task, choose the profile you want to use through the first dropdown and choose the proxies that you want to use through the second dropdown. You can also choose the mode, whether or not you want to use captcha solvers and can also select the relay delay in milliseconds. Just click submit and you should be good to go. Overall, the process of creating tasks is made easy and the process of setting up a monitor to look for a product is also very easy; simply click the monitor tabs and follow the steps that you are prompted with.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Dragon AIO is a simple to use bot that provides results – now, it may sound absurd but it almost feels like it is worth its high price. There are a lot of bots that can do what Dragon AIO does but none can match the scale and efficiency that Dragon AIO can do it on; in this respect, Dragon AIO is just on a different level and this is the reason why it stands out from the crowd. When buying Dragon AIO, you will be inducted into the Dragon AIO discord group where you can get help and support from all the other members who also use the bot. Furthermore, you can get insider information about releases on the group and can also contribute to the successes channel of the discord after you start cooking with this bot.

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