Everything You Need to Know about a Yeezy Supply Drop!

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A Complete Guide on what Kanye West official site is and how the drops work!

Is the site legit?

The site is legit because it is the official website where Kanye West releases his Yeezys. Typically when a new Yeezy releases or there's a restock you will see the majority of the stock go to Yeezy Supply (YS) along with the Adidas Confirmed app. There are also many other sites such as the Foot sites, Shopify sites, and other local shops that get some pairs as well.

How Do The Drops work?

The drops are becoming more popular over time. Kanye has been releasing many more different pairs of Yeezys. Not only that but there are many Yeezy restocks that have been occurring on both the YS site along with the Adidas Confirmed app. Having success on this site comes with a lot of luck, but there are a few things you can do to increase your odds of being able to check out a pair! Within this article, we will be going through everything you need to know to have the best chance of copping a pair of Yeezys on the next drop!

The drops are one of the most simple drops that you can go for. Typically there will be a release timer on an upcoming pair of Yeezy’s dropping. This timer will count down to the time the release begins. You typically want to be on this site five to ten minutes before the drop so you can get into the queue very early! Once you do that it's essentially a waiting period until you get past the waiting page, also known as the splash page.

The splash page is typically where many people can't get passed. Once you get past this page then you have an amazing chance of checking out a pair unless the size of the Yeezys you want is out of stock. The good thing about Yeezys is that they often have good resell. So if you don’t see your size then don’t just close your browser, but instead, cop a different size and make some money off of it!

How do I increase my chances of success?

The way that the site chooses who to allow to pass the splash page and who doesn’t is based on a rating that Google gives your Gmail account. This is known as your V3 score. The best score you want is a 0.9 while having a bad score would result in being rated as a 0.3. Many Google-captcha V3 score checkers are widely available through a simple Google search.

If you have a score of 0.9, you then have a greater chance of being able to pass the splash. Once you pass the splash then checking out is super simple! You simply checkout just like any other website that you typically shop on such as Walmart, Best Buy, or Target! If you have a 0.3 score then it is going to be very hard for you to be able to pass the splash. This is typically where many people find it frustrating because they can't even cop a pair even though they go for every drop!

Another thing you should also be aware of is that you shouldn’t have too many tabs open on the same internet address (your IP). Having too many tabs open or having many computers going for the drop at the same time can hurt your chance of passing splash or even possibly being temporarily banned on the site. If you can, it is better to go for the drop on a private network versus a public one such as your work, school, or a coffee shop. If you are not able to use a private network dedicated for you then it may be a good idea to buy a few Sneaker proxies so you are seen as a different person for each tab you are using!

How can I increase my Google Captcha score if it's low?

There are many ways you can increase the score and reputation of your account. The first way is what most people do without even trying. That’s using google chrome while being signed into the Gmail account. You should do normal daily tasks such as search the web, check your emails, watch YouTube, along with many other things. Google tracks this activity and after some time your score will slowly go up. One thing you should keep in mind is if you check your score often this will end up hurting your score. You shouldn’t check your score more than once a week along with not checking 24 hours before a drop.

The second way of increasing your score is through tools such as AYCD. AYCD is the most popular tool to increase your Gmail scores along with many other things that you will find useful when botting. The way AYCD works is by allowing you to sign in to your Gmail through their software. Once you sign in, AYCD automatically does random stuff throughout the day so it makes it look like a normal person is using the account. This will allow you to go about your day without worrying about making sure your Gmails are good. This is very helpful when you are using a shoe bot because those often require you to use many Gmails. AYCD can handle increasing the score on multiple accounts at the same time. AYCD is not just a tool for Gmail farming but also has many other great tools such as a profile converter, Server and proxy generator, allows you to spoof your location for drops like SNKRS pass, and much more! You can view AYCD by CLICKING HERE.

How long does Yeezy Supply take to ship your shoes?

The shipping is very fast. Thanks to Adidas, who handles Yeezy Supply shipping, they can have your shoes shipped as soon as the same day!

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