How Does Amazons Account Health Rating Work and Why You Need To Be On Top Of IT!

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What is Amazon's Account Health Rating?

If you have been selling on Amazon then it's likely you have come across a section within seller central that gives you your account health rating! You may be wondering how this can affect your business. There are a few metrics that you should pay attention to that are most important, however, each section is very important in its own way! Ensuring you are on top of keeping your account health healthy should be your top priority. If it isn't then you are risking not getting access to your account funds that are being held and even your inventory!

How is the Account health rating calculated?

When you open an Amazon account, you have to generate sales for a certain period of time. Once you have done this over time, your account will likely have a score of 200 as long as you don't have any issues. From there, every 125 orders that you process will increase your account health by 2 points. The higher you can get this number will put you in a better place in case account issues occur, such as an IP complaint!

How does your account health rating affect you?

Any score above 200 is considered healthy, however, it is possible to have a score above 200 while having issues. If these issues are ignored, not responded to the way Amazon needed you to respond to them, or anything similar then this will decrease your account health along with the risk of getting your account suspended.

HAVING AN ACCOUNT UNDER 200: When your health score is under 200 then your account is at risk of getting suspended and you need to make it a priority to fix whatever issues you have. You can also talk to the Amazon account health specialist and they may be able to help or guide you in the right direction of how to fix whatever is needed to be done

HAVING AN ACCOUNT OVER 200: When your account has a score over 200 then this means your account is healthy and you are doing what you need to do to stay within Amazon's TOS! Your account health maxes out 1000 score which means you need to be doing roughly 50k orders every 90 days! The majority of sellers won't get to this but its a great number to look up to and make a goal!

Benefits of having an account with a 250 score or higher!

When you have an account with a score of 250 or higher and remain at that level for 160 days then you get a special benefit called account health assurance. What this means is if an issue were to occur during this period, Amazon will not stop any of your business or block any of the ASINs that have an issue with them as long as you respond to any of the cases within 72 hours. They give you this little feature because if you are able to maintain a score of 250 or higher for 160 days then they believe that you take account health seriously! There is one thing that could stay in your way for reaching account assurance. During the 160-day period, you can't go under 250 for longer than 10 days. This means that if have an authenticity claim, IP complaint, or similar then you will want to respond as quickly as possible because one claim will not drop you under those 10 days. This problem occurs if you were to get multiple and those days stack! Once you have met all the requirements to clarify account assurance then you will automatically be enrolled in the program and it will look like the image below! Taken from seller central mobile app:

How to view your account health rating?

In order to view your account health rating, you are able to view it by clicking the link below! Click here:

We understand that people come from all over the world and this link will not end up working for everyone. In order to view the account health rating page on seller central for sellers outside of the USA, you will need to change the Amazon domain to whatever region you are from but the rest of the URL will be correct!

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