What Is The Best Computer To Run a Sneaker Bot On?

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When you are botting a drop, there’s one thing on your mind and that is to have success. People bot shoe drops or flips for different reasons. Some people like to bot so they can get the item so they can rock themselves while others are trying to get as many of the items are they can so they can resell them and make some money! Whichever the case it is for you, there’s one thing you should make sure you have right… a good computer.

What operating software should I have?

One of the most important questions you have to ask yourself is if the shoe bot you want to purchase will work on your computer. There are a few different types of bots. There are shoe bots that work on Windows only, such as Cybersole, Sole AIO, or Flare AIO to name a few. There are also other bots that work on both Windows and macOS, such as Dashe, Eve AIO, Nike Shoe bot, and Hayha AIO to name a few. There are currently no bots that work on ChromeOS unless the bot you want is a chrome extension bot, such as Lighting ATC or Flow by Gizmo Solutions.

When purchasing a bot, make sure what you are buying will work on your computer. 99% of all bots will work on a Windows computer while many won't work on a Mac. If you are unsure, Join our discord and we have a list of almost every bot with a full description of all of them so you know what you are buying before you buy it!

What does it mean to have a good computer?

When you want to run a bot, you want to run as many tasks on that bot as you can. When you are going for a release, you must think about all the other people who are also going for that release. The more popular the release is then the more competitive it is.

When you are running a lot of tasks, it is very important to have a good CPU and to have a lot of ram. Running a lot of tasks uses a lot of your computer processing power so you never want to push your computer to the limits because this would end up slowing your task down. So our recommendation is to have at least an 8 Core CPU and 16gbs of ram. We understand that this isn’t practical for everyone, which is why there’s an alternative solution to allow you to beat these specs while not having to purchase a computer!

What do I do if I don’t have a good computer?

One of the most popular ways of botting is through a virtual private server (VPS). This is a remote server that you can sign into. You can purchase one from a variety of providers such as Google, Amazon Web services (AWS), along with a variety of sneaker server providers such as Hydra Servers. The way many of these providers price their servers is by an hourly rate or a monthly rate! Some of these servers can be purchased for free through credits that these providers give you or for less than a dollar an hour in some cases!

When purchasing you can pick the specifications you want so that the server meets your needs! Not only will you have the option to purchase a server with a higher processing power so you can run more tasks, but you will have better ping to many sites that require you to be quick such as Supreme New York!

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