Where should you rent a sneaker bot?

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During the latter part of 2020 until now, renting of sneaker bots had become very popular due to the crazy resell prices that many of the most popular and successful sneaker bots had. However, there weren’t many of options initially for users to use to ensure they are protected from being scammed. Sending the seller money for the rental was more of a trusted process, and even if the buyer didn’t get scammed there were many issues that still had come up. However, with constant development from many companies within the sneaker community, buyers now have many options to look forward to when it comes to renting shoe bots safely!

Where can you rent a sneaker bot?

There are many places you can rent shoe bots, and this list is constantly expanding over time. Initially, there were two main areas, which are Botmart and Tidal marketplace. These both are discord servers that have a middleman to oversee the trades of many sneaker bots. They have channels divided up for each bot so you can easily navigate to the category for the bot you are interested in, and you can see channels for the bots you want to sell, buy or rent within that category! We now only recommend using these servers to buy and sell bots, but for renting there are far better options!

There are also many online marketplaces that you can buy from and be protected from fraud, scams, and bad support. These marketplaces include Tidal Rentals, BotMart Rentals, Cop Supply Rentals, Whop IO, and Easy Rentals! These marketplaces list many different bots and have their pros and cons.

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Within all of these marketplaces, there are a few things that you can ensure is that when you buy a rental from them you will be getting what you paid for. They provide download links, announcements, overlook support and ensure that your key works. Currently, some of the sites only focus on rentals, while other sites such as Whop IO, support things such as NFT’s, proxies, accounts, and more!

It’s 2022 and I want to rent a bot, where should I go?

If you are renting a bot we would recommend Tidal Rentals or BotMart Rentals because they are marketplaces that have been around since 2018 and with that, they have gained a lot of reputation and respect from the community. They know what they are doing because they have been doing it longer than anyone has. There are of course benefits of going through other sites or discords, but why would you risk it when you don’t have to! When renting through Tidal marketplace, BotMart, or even Whop IO, you know when you are buying a bot you will be happy towards the end of your rental!

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