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Cyber Sole

Cyber Sole

Cybersole AIO, also known as CyberAIO, has been one of the predominant and first sneaker bots in the reselling industry. It used to be an average bot, staying in stock on their website, and having no resale value until resellers started picking up copies and efficiently took stock on sites. Cyber is also known for its extremely talented developers by establishing a stepping stone for future bot developers and its public relations efforts by keeping a very professional manner on Twitter and like platforms. Cyber offers 24/7 support and a mobile app that comes complimentary with each key.

General Overview

Cyber supports over 270 sites except for Nike and Adidas, but those sites may be available sometime down the line. As you log in to the bot, you are greeted with its green and black themed interface. Similar to many sneaker bots, you have the options to create tasks, configure proxies and profiles, and general settings. Under the "Tasks" tab, users can see their created tasks and edit or delete them as they please. In addition, users are able to stop and start tasks and can view captchas using their multi-tab and multi-window captcha solvers.



In the other tabs such as "Settings" and "Profiles", users can configure any general bot settings here such as delays and import, export, create, or delete profiles as well. Each tab is similar to other bots and straight forward. These are explained more thoroughly in the Cybersole bot's guidance manual. 

A helpful tab in the bot is the "Rates" tab, where users can add shipping rates when botting. This can come in very handy when botting on Shopify sites that calculate rates for shipping. This can expedite the process of checking out and leads to greater success.

Mobile App

Outside of the Windows application, the Cybersole team has also developed a mobile app that is compatible with iOS and Android. If you're ever on-the-go during a release or your desktop is not at hand during a restock, Cyber's app allows you to control your bot all at your fingertips. In the app, you can create and edit tasks, solve captchas, and view and track your analytics and recent checkouts. 



In addition to the mobile feature, on the bot's dashboard, you can find your license details, view any tasks and purchases, and as well as see the analytics. The dashboard allows for easy renewal and download of the bot, a help section, and unbinding, if you are looking to sell it.


General Takeaway

Finding the Cybersole bot for sale may be difficult as it is sold out on their site and goes immediately out of stock when they restock via Twitter or Instagram. Places where to buy Cybersole include marketplaces such as Tidal, where one can safely purchase or sell a copy at ease with a middleman's assistance. With Cyber's 5.0 update coming out soon, users are sitting on their hands, awaiting to see new updates the team is bringing to the table.

Bot: CyberAIO
Supports: Shopify, Supreme, Footsites, misc.
Operating System: Windows
Retail: £300
Renewal: £100 per 6 months
Twitter: @cybersole
Success: @cyberaiosuccess
Authentication system: Unbindable with 24 hour cooldown

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