The best SNKRS bots in 2023

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The year is 2023 and SNKRS botting is becoming one of the most popular sites that botters run on. SNKRS botting was very popular many years ago and as other shoe brands become more popular, such as Yeezys, botters focused their efforts on those shoes due to their higher ROI. However, things have come back in full circle as things have died off with the Yeezy brand.

No matter if you are someone who has been in the shoe game for years or is just starting out. There is a ton of ways to profit while botting Nike SNKRS. Within this article, we will be going over the top three bots you need in order to have an increased chance of success!


The Shit bot is one of the most well-known SNRKS bots because of its consistent success, low retail/renewal price, and how long they've been in the game. The reason most beginners choose TSB is because of the low barrier of entry. The bot is relatively low in retail price and supports a wide range of regions. Currently, The Shit Bot supports over 50 regions, which means if you are looking for SNKRS bot that will be compatible with you then this is most likely the one! When you purchase the bot, it's very easy to get started because they give you all the tools you need to succeed. Not only are you getting the bot, guides, and consistent updates but you will also be part of a discord community that is willing to help each other so everyone can win as a team. This includes helping each other with tips and tricks to further increase your success that you can't find anywhere else. TSB currently costs $300/year but this doesn't include the accounts, proxies, and other small expenses that come with botting SNKRS. However, this bot will be your best bargain for beginners who want to get their feet wet! One of the nice things about TSB is that if you are still unsure if you want to spend $300 on the bot, we have a rental system that allows you full access to guides, support, and the bot for as low as $5 a day. So if you are still on the fence about if TSB is the right bow for you then you should check out renting TSB through us before you purchase it! CLICK HERE to find out more about renting TSB for as low as $5 a day!

Project Enigma:

Project Enigma is one of the most successful SNKRS bots currently on the market. Between their private Twitter page and secretive website, it may make you wonder what is it that they do. They have some of the best-kept secrets that come to SNKRS botting. In order to consistently stay on top and be the best SNKRS bot there is, they make sure what they do doesn't get put out into the public so it doesn't clip their flow. They have been doing it for a very long time and over this time what they have been doing has worked! This bot is not like TSB where it's always in stock. Project Engima is a very limited bot that restocks randomly and in a very limited fashion. If you are able to get your hands on the bot then you can expect to be joining a very close-knit group of people who dominate in the botting game. If you want to be part of the exclusive Project Engima bot then we have made it easy for you to rent Project Engima versus trying to figure out how to buy it. You can rent Project Engima on average for $10 a day, but often times you can find deals for less. If you CLICK HERE then you will be redirected to a webpage that allows you to safely rent the bot and buyers projection!


Usnkrs is another very popular bot. This bot has been around for ages and has had amazing success. uSNKRS is the perfect bot for an intermediate. We would rank this bot in between the shit bot and Project Engima due to its success and ability to purchase it. uSNKRS is a much easier bot to get your hands on compared to Project enigma due to them restocking more often on Twitter, however, do not be fooled because those restocks are still in a limited fashion. Unlike TSB, when you purchase a key you have to renew it every 6 months compared to the shit bot which you must renew every year. The price of uSNKRS is £175/6 months and it includes all the amazing features that you will need to succeed! Although we don't allow people to rent uSNKRS on our site yet, you can still purchase the bot from third-party resellers in our very trusted discord with over 110k members! If you want to learn more about how to purchase uSNKRS, Project Engima, and many others then feel free to CLICK HERE and let us know what questions you have!

What does this mean for you?

When you are figuring out which bot is the right one for you, you have to look at everything that it takes. This includes how long it will take for you to set up, expenses (SNKRS account, proxies, other tools), and the amount of success the bot has as a whole. This is why we believe the best way to get started is to rent a bot through us because when you rent a bot through us you are able to see if you like the bot before you put out hundreds of dollars for it and then realize it wasn't for you. If you want to bot on a budget or you just want a cheap way to bot then check us out for as low as $5 a day! We support many other bots such as Wrath, Nike shoe bot, Mek AIO and many more!

Join us and let us help you get started in your botting career!

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